Individual Discretionary Support

Let us help you find the Freedom to Navigate your identity free from harm...

"It was a vice like grip that had taken over my life. When I started drinking I didn't imagine the hold it would have over me" Anonymous, CEO

"It is just 'what we do' in the legal profession; alcohol and cocaine use is common place. It is the quickest, easiest way to unwind at the end of the day" Anonymous, Lawyer

"I just couldn't sleep, I kept seeing the image of my patient over and over in my head and alcohol and sleeping pills helped me to rest" Anonymous, Paramedic

Where there is addiction, there is usually some kind of underlying reason that has never been dealt with.

Professional sports player, Lawyer, CEO, Nurse, Manager, Actress...just some of the professionals we have worked with in our discretionary service around their drug and/ or alcohol use.

Work related stress is on the increase and is a significant issue across all professions. The link between high performance, mental ill health and substance misuse is common with drugs and alcohol being used as a quick fix to reduce occupational anxiety, the constant pressure to perform and burnout.

Working with one of our team will give you the knowledge, insight and tools you need to achieve sustainable health and wellbeing. They have the expertise and professionalism to keep sessions private, confidential and understand that discretion is of paramount importance to everyone we work with including those with cultural, religious and social sensitivities.

We always set a high standard of care and support and have an un-relentless commitment to best practice, we are not afraid to dig deep and unpick what seems like the most challenging situations.


Our practice will help you to become free from overwhelm and achieve those life goals; breaking free from unhelpful thoughts, behaviours and attitudes that allow you to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Many people start using unhelpful coping strategies such as alcohol or drugs to make them feel confident, for enjoyment, to relax or to relieve stress... However the truth is that in the long run these will not free you from these feelings. In fact, the reality is that they are probably increasing your anxiety, guilt and overwhelm.

Here's the thing...

We really are best placed to help you, wherever you are on our pathway. Our team have substantial experience working directly with people who have experienced overwhelm, anxiety and addiction; they are all qualified and highly skilled professionals, with a great understanding about the internal sabotages that co-occur with addiction, stress and the need to hide problems.

It is hard to answer 'is this right for me?' without chatting with you first, but what we can tell you is that we have worked with 100's of people who have a need for complete confidentiality, discretion and privacy. If you are ready to start to navigate away from drug and alcohol use you can get in touch with one of the team here: