Vita Orbis believes in giving businesses the Freedom to Navigate innovative solutions that will create a safe, healthy and productive working environment.


What would it mean to your organisation if you had a complete health and well-being strategy with the exact steps you need to develop a strong, robust and sustainable plan?

No more winging it; to be able to stop dabbling and wasting your already limited time trying to figure out what is needed. Vita Orbis can give you strategic direction, discover your existing best practice and help you implement a bespoke health and well-being framework that supports your business to get the results you want. We provide support for the unknown hidden harms that your employees go through and we firmly believe that strong, robust health and wellbeing strategies go way beyond just nutrition, counselling and bicycle schemes.

The team know exactly what it takes to create an environment that is productive, resilient and flourishing; with 40 years combined expertise we have experienced first-hand the impact that ignoring these hidden harms can cause, including:

  • High levels of absenteeism (72% of serious illnesses are hidden)
  • A developing blame culture amongst staff who are stressed, overwhelmed and unhappy
  • Growing unhealthy competition amongst frustrated team members
  • Sustained apathy and indifference amongst employees who feel they are 'picking up the pieces' or covering for colleagues who are 'always ill'

So when staff are off sick with stress, overwhelm or 'yet another infection' maybe it's time to look at the hidden harms that occur (mental ill health, substance use, domestic abuse to name a few).


Building resilience and mental wellbeing is an increasing priority within organisational culture. We want to work with you to effectively invest in your health and wellbeing framework because research (CIPD; Institute of Leadership & Management; Public Health) suggests this brings an increase in employee morale and engagement, creates a more inclusive culture that lowers sickness absence and therefore improves productivity and staff retention.

"80% of those who participated to a recent survey, admitted to using illicit substance before, during or after work (ONS, 2018)"

Whilst the majority of these will be recreational substance users we also know that addiction has no boundaries of employment, social standing or financial availability. A vast majority of the substance using employees that we have worked with stated workplace stress, anxiety and overwhelm were the leading causes of their escalated use.

Our pathway below outlines the exact steps we will take to create a safe, healthy and productive working environment:

The first step to building an effective and cost-efficient wellbeing strategy is to understand where you are starting from, so we always offer a complimentary discovery call with one of our Lead Consultants to find out what your business goals and priorities.