Bespoke Implementation Support

For those who need a little more support or outsource additional services, we can help you embed and deliver effective and efficient wellbeing support that is fit for purpose.


Our implementation packages help you with the final stages of the pathway and to really embed your new strategy. Our support includes:

  • The design, management and all activities to embed Drug Testing into your organisation. We can guaranteed that testing will be 100% randomly allocated, results will be instant and we will provide point-of-need interventions and referral support for those needing additional support if results are not desired.
  • An in-house Discretionary One-to-One support service that is 100% confidential, for those individuals who need additional support. All of our sessions will be delivered by experienced, qualified and highly competent staff but will work with anyone who feels they need to reduce or stop their substance use or get support for additional hidden harms.
  • Full project management support is available to bring your bespoke strategy into action! We will engage with all relevant stakeholders and partners and oversee the full strategic implementation plan so that you and your team can continue with the other aspects of your role.
  • Bespoke Training and Workshops can be created and delivered to provide practical strategies, techniques and tools that supports resilience, emotional and mental wellbeing for all of the staff team within your organisation.
  • 'Leading the Wellbeing Leader' coaching packages are available to support a top down approach to wellbeing and self-care. Working with your carefully chosen wellbeing ambassadors we can provide the support implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes to create a long lasting culture of care.

These support options are available to any business wishing to effectively support employee hidden harms and can be personalised and adapted to suit your own bespoke needs.

We believe that ongoing evaluation is a crucial part of any strategy but if you need help with this please get in touch.