Discovery Analysis

Our Discovery Analysis is a highly effective option for all businesses, big or small, and a great starting point to consider if you are really prepared to support the hidden harms taking place around you.

Our Discovery Analysis will:

  • Use a combination of tools and techniques to complete a robust situational analysis that is based on your current wellbeing strategy
  • Apply benchmarks against best practice taken from industry leaders
  • Work across-organisational teams, locations and working roles to ensure a thorough audit takes place for a true picture
  • Produce a comprehensive report based on our analysis; identifying the areas where you are already thriving, stakeholder feedback and best practice guidance for those areas of risk where solutions are needed
  • Include in this report will be a series of recommendations that will allow you to carefully craft your new Wellbeing Strategy and Implementation Plans.

Feedback on the report will be given by one of our consultants who has been trained to provide feedback that is straight forward, practical and easy to implement. We will offer a 1 year follow up audit and this can be agreed during this meeting.

Following down our pathway and on from our Discovery Analysis, we can begin to look at what is needed to Strategically Align and Optimise Performance as part of your new Wellbeing Strategy.