About Us

We are a carefully selected group of professionals who are specialists in our own areas of expertise, bringing strength and support that allows us to stand out from the crowd. With over a combined forty years of experience working directly with drug and alcohol misuse across health, social and criminal justice services there is not an area of substance misuse we cannot support a business with.

Our Vision

"to create safe, healthy and productive working environments that understand and support the impact of hidden harms"

Our Core Values

1. To act with integrity at all times
2. Be accountable and always take responsibility
3. To lead, influence and be the change

By building a strong and robust wellbeing strategy, your business will be able to demonstrate:

Effective Systems

Processes that are creating powerful workforce energies, reducing absenteeism and minimising the impact of hidden harms.

Business Resilience

Higher engagement that brings increased performance and retains talent that strengthens all areas of business.

Organisation Responsibility

Inspirational leadership that understands taking care of the brightest and the best goes way beyond policies and processes.

Staff Engagement

Healthy and fully engaged employees are a top advantage to any business and loyalty goes way beyond the 'tick-in-a-box' system.

Community Impact

Supporting employees holistically will have a positive impact that ripples further than just business but into their families and society.

Get Recognition

A commitment to employee wellbeing, building a reputation as a business who meets their legal and ethical responsibilities but also cares.

All of our consultants and 1:1 recovery mentors are highly skilled and knowledgeable in not only the different areas of Hidden Harms but industry too; spanning across engineering, health, policing, nursing and hospitality to name a few.

Our Freedom to Navigateā„¢ framework is made of six priority areas, outlined below:
1. Physical health
2. Mental ill-health
3. Relationships
4. Identity and responsibility
5. Emotional wellness

The team at Vita Orbis are hand picked because they have the right skills, knowledge, behaviours and attitude to be able to work with the discretion and expertise you need. By providing a full pathway of collaborative solutions we can minimise the impact of addictions, reduce the harm caused and influence the changes needed to improve productivity, retention and employee engagement.