72% of serious illnesses are hidden from an employer

up to 80% of employees admitted to using illicit substances before, during or after work

and 81% of HR Directors stated they didn't feel confident to deal with substance use in the workplace

Welcome to Vita Orbis

We are a unique team of professionals helping businesses experiencing high levels of absenteeism and employee turnover; giving them the Freedom to Navigate the hidden harms within their workforce.

Our mission is simple, we aim to

"create safe, healthy and productive working environments that understand and support the impact of hidden harms"

Unlike other wellbeing and HR specialists Vita Orbis provides a full pathway of collaborative solutions that minimises the impact of addictions, reduces the harm caused and influences the changes needed to improve productivity, retention and employee engagement.

We have 3 distinct areas of support available - from community or service design, bespoke business support or 1:1 support for individuals experiencing addiction and need 100% discretion

If you have landed on this page you probably already understand the importance of having an employee wellbeing strategy but how far are you actually prepared to go to support your team?

The link between high performance, mental ill-health and substance use is well known and drug and alcohol use is something that is far more common than business owners think. Over a combined forty years, our team of hidden harm specialists have seen the devastating impact that substance misuse (and other hidden harms) can have on individuals, their families and their careers.

The Health & Safety Executive currently estimates that up to 14 million working days are lost due to alcohol related problems in the UK, costing British industry around £2 Billion each year. This estimate does not include other substances such as cannabis, cocaine or prescription drugs.

Around 37% of the people who have accessed our own discretionary service, used more than one substance and 51% were using cocaine only - all in professions with high levels of responsibility and all still working or employed.

Stress, overwhelm and the pressure to constantly perform is one of the most serious issues to impact any high performing environment. Businesses need a more holistic approach to their Employee Wellbeing Strategy; it requires solutions to support their legal and ethical requirements but to also protect the wellbeing of their team before they burn out. Evidence shows that when staff with hidden harms are referred for specialist treatment over 60% remained working for the organisation after successfully managing their wellbeing, demonstrating increased loyalty and engagement.

Using a blend of evidence-based models, creative and pragmatic techniques, we will give you the Freedom To Navigate solutuions for your business; taking you along our 6-step pathway for as little or as much support as you need.


"They made it easy for me to engage at a time that was right for me, allowing me to access support around my busy schedule"


"I used substances to mask how I was really feeling and now I try harder to manage my thoughts when I feel in a panic, without using"

Professional Sports Player

"I felt free to explore my personal and professional problems without the fear of repercussions in my work"

TV actress

Your help, guidance and advice were proven to be superb value. You identified with the needs I presented both personally and in business; helping me deal with concerns and most importantly offered me solutions and tactics that I could adopt to help me grow as an individual and where we want the business to be.

Charity CEO

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